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This is the privacy policy of "60yarddash.com.”  It describes how we use, protect, and guard any information that you give when using our web site.  The information we collect depends on what you do and how you use our site. "60yardash.com" is owned and operated by Neurobody Performance Inc.

We take your privacy very serious and you can be confident that any information that you give will only be used as described below.  This policy may be periodically changed and updated and you should recheck it every time you use the site to be sure that you approve of any changes.  If you are not satisfied with this privacy policy you should leave the site now.  By continuing to use our site you are demonstrating your acceptance of this policy.


We collect your name and email address if you choose to sign-up for our newsletter and video tips.  Your name and email will never be sold or given away to any other party.  We collect this information in order to send promotional or informational email to the address that you provided about new products, special offers, or other content that we feel may be of interest to you.  You voluntarily submit this information and can opt-out at any time if you no longer wish to receive emails from us.

Our newsletter list is managed by "Aweber.com."  "Aweber.com" is not owned by "60yarddash.com" or Neurobody Performance Inc.  "Aweber.com" may use cookies in order to improve user experience.  Please be aware that "Aweber.com" has their own privacy policy and "60yarddash.com" is not responsible for their policy.


This site uses a service provided by Google (Google Analytics) to track user navigation statistics.  Information from all users is processed to create traffic reports containing various information such as, but not limited to, time spent on the site, pages visited, how users got to the site, and what links they click on.  This information allows us to improve the user experience, however, none of this information personally identifies the user themselves.


If you decide to purchase a product from "60yarddash.com" you will be redirected to "clickbank.com" to complete your purchase.  Clickbank uses a secure server and we at "60yarddash.com" never see your payment information.  Clickbank does provide us with your name, email address, state, zip code, confirmation number, along with the date and time of the purchase.  This is so that we many reference your order if you have any questions or want a refund.  Please be aware that clickbank has their own privacy policy and "60yarddash.com" is not responsible for their policy.


"60yarddash.com" provides links to other web sites.  Be advised that we do not have control of other sites and that they have their own respective privacy policies.  Therefore, we are not liable for the privacy and protection of any information provided by you when visiting any of the sites through links provided on "60yarddash.com."  Use caution and read the privacy policies of each respective web site.



This PRIVACY POLICY is not static and it may continually change over time. Do not assume that it will remain consistent each time you visit.  Therefore, you agree to inspect the PRIVACY POLICY at each visit to this web site. Your continued use of "60yarddash.com" implies that you accept the terms of this PRIVACY POLICY.

This PRIVACY POLICY was last updated on: January 1, 2010.

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